Scheer MagicDoug Scheer Scheer Magic
Saturday, October 23, 2021
2:30 PM

Doug Scheer is back at The PIX with the comedy magic show that delights kids and adults alike. The kids are the stars of the show as Doug brings them onto the stage to help with his zany, hysterical brand of magic. Be prepared to laugh 'til it hurts. 

Doug Scheer isn’t a kid any more – at least on the outside – but he hasn’t lost his inner child! His shows include classics like smelly tennis shoes, the world’s largest pair of underwear, exploding soda cans, and a 30 second game of toilet paper basketball. Add to that a smashed up banana, tons of audience helpers and the most ridiculous prize you've ever seen and you have the makings of a show that kids won’t ever stop talking about. There are no cliché magic tricks or anything that might embarrass anyone, just a show filled with nutty wackiness, non-stop laughter, and crazy hilarity.